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About Raw 4 Paws Raw Dog Food

Raw 4 Paws ® is a PREMIUM QUALITY raw diet for dogs and cats, that has been developed and formulated by the Raw 4 Paws Team in co-operation with our own certified pet nutritionist and a veterinarian, knowledgeable in pet nutrition.

Raw 4 Paws ® offers VALUE FOR MONEY – 5 nutritionally balanced varieties in convenient packaging for all sizes, breeds, ages and budgets.

All ingredients are sourced locally, only fresh produce, and wherever possible, free range Australian meats are used to assimilate a balanced raw diet for dogs and cats, as close to nature as possible.

Raw 4 Paws ® contains NO preservatives, NO harmful chemicals, NO irradiated products, NO grain, NO yeast, NO dairy products, NO fillers, and NO rendered products. ONLY Natural Ingredients, Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes are used.

Raw 4 Paws ® is AUSTRALIAN OWNED, our products are manufactured under Safe Food Qld accredited standards, Safe Food Number 119209-002.

Available Raw 4 Paws Varieties

Raw Roo Dog Food
Lamb Raw Feeding
Raw Lamb Dog Food
Raw Beef Dog food
Raw Chicken Dog Food
Raw Beef Cat Food

Each of the Raw 4 Paws recipes contains only meat, ground bone and organs of one animal, otherwise known as a single protein.

We are very passionate about pets and are here to provide the best possible diet for your pets, and our own pets too.

Along the Lines of Nature

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