Why Feed Raw?

Basic Facts about Dog Nutrition

  • A dog’s food should never be cooked. It should be fed in a raw natural state. Cooking a dog’s food ruins most of its nutritional value.
  • The main ingredient of commercial dog food is grain by-product, despite the fact dogs are designed to eat a raw diet from a range of prey species. Grains cause a range of problems such as allergies.
  • Commercial dog foods are often laden with preservatives, colours (dyes) and salt (Up to 20 times more than a dog requires). The additives make the food more palatable so dogs will overeat. Dogs also appear to enjoy kibble so the owner feels good about feeding it and continue buying the product.
  • The vast majority of commercial dog foods contain too many carbohydrates (grain). High levels are linked to overeating, diabetes, weight gain and numerous other complaints.
  • There is no substitute for a RAW, natural diet for which the dog through evolution has chosen for itself. Only human influence has removed choice for the dog and isolated the species from its evolutionary diet. The domestic dog’s anatomy has not evolved to differ from that of the wolf…only its habitat has changed.
Source: Food Pets Die For by Ann Martin

Frequently Asked Questions

What about the bacteria?

 Bacteria are everywhere. We all live with a tremendous amount of bacteria and dogs are especially adapted to be able to handle ingesting bacteria. Remember how dogs greet each other and clean themselves…

Handle these foods as you would you own stir-fry chicken. Wash your hands. Clean your benches and be aware of the temperature when defrosting or feeding. A dog's digestive tract is far more robust when it comes to bacteria but sensible hygiene is still required.

My vet said not to feed raw?

 Vets generally focus very little on dog nutrition at university. In fact, in some universities, dog food companies present information on dog nutrition as part of the curriculum which means many vets are educated about a dog’s diet by commercial dog food representatives.

Some vet clinics make money from retailing dog foods and some are not realising there are significantly better alternatives to grain-based dog food.

What are the other benefits?

You control what your pet eats. Feeding your pet is not rocket science as pet food companies would have you believe.
A healthier animal resulting in fewer veterinary bills.

Your pet will eat what it is anatomically designed to eat – dentition design, esophageal action, digestive tract and elimination. None of these aspects of canine anatomy supports digestion of grain-based commercial kibbles.

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