Manners 101 Program

Belgian Shepherd leashed, trying to run against white background

Is your dog not listening to you? Barging through doorways? Pulling you down the street on your walk? Jumping all over the kids & your guests? Chewing your brand new shoes or furniture? This program is designed to instil manners in your naughty dog, teaching you the skills to train your dog more effectively, by introducing a clear communication system that your dog understands. We show you how you can have a dog that is finally listening to you. Most owners can achieve results in 5-6 training sessions.


6 In home sessions
Introducing communication system
Attention  (focus on you)
Covering common behaviour issues: jumping, pulling on lead, digging & barking
5 commands: Off, let’s go, leave it, give, wait.
Bonus: Training manual, training equipment & 6months support
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