Here are some Hounds@Bay Success Stories



"I first contacted Larissa in 2015, a couple of weeks after I adopted a rescue dog, Teddy. At the time Teddy had been re-homed twice previously, had several behaviour problems and was difficult to walk on a leash. The planned twelve week training block transformed Teddy in ways I couldn’t believe. He quickly learnt foundation behaviours and his general behaviour improved dramatically. Each week Larissa would find new and interesting activities to challenge Teddy and me, improving his behaviour and my capacity to manage him. I have learnt so much about canine behaviour from these lessons and her knowledge. As for Teddy, he is obsessed with training. I firmly believe it helped him settle into our life very quickly and gave him confidence that had been lacking. It’s pretty special to own a dog who can follow commands, walk politely on a lead and perform cool tricks. But best of all, my anxious, stressed boy is now confident, focused and settled. I am so glad that I made that first phone call to Larissa and my little Teddy is too!

Training with Larissa was the best decision I made in relation to my dog. Within weeks, our reactive, poorly socialised and highly strung dog was focused and learning basic obedience skills.

 I really like Larissa's pragmatic approach and her ability to explain canine behaviour in a way that makes sense to humans" - Tracey


"For the better part of 2017 Lexie was on medication for anxiety and for stomach related illnesses. She had ulcers, was on a special diet and had some fairly concerning health issues. I decided enough was enough. It was time for a solution. Lexie was dog aggressive, attacking the other dogs in our pack at home, reacting to almost anything that moved. Within 3 months of working with Larissa, Lexie was off medication, back onto her healthy raw diet, no stomach issues and had learnt to relax at home. She is now integrated with our pack and can be around our other dogs, living a comfortable and happy life. We train everyday, to keep her mind at ease and to keep introducing new challenges. If it was not for Larissa and Hounds@Bay who knows where Lexie and I would be. Our lives and stress levels are dramatically improved and I cannot wait to see what else this gorgeous girl can learn." - Erin



"Larissa is amazing she is so kind and genuine and absolutely fantastic at what she does thank you I could not recommend you enough to have a well behaved puppy!!!" - Kelly

Rogue's owners loved training with Hounds@Bay so much, that 9 months after his first 6 week block, they came back for another 6 week training package to learn even more!


"Fantastic! Would highly recommend Larissa! Taught me so much!"

Stitch undertook private training to overcome some difficult behaviours his owners were facing at home. One in particular was over excitement when new people and visitors came over. Place training is also beneficial for dogs that get overly excited as they need to work on impulse control & helps with training the stay behaviour. Stitch mastered this lesson... see the video here

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